SOUL Lang Compilation to UGen

I think some parts of it are not GPL, outside the compiler. When I installed their combo distro on Windows, it said nothing about GPL, but presented a free-to-use kind of license.

Or maybe they’ve relicensed it as GPL but forgot to update the script that packages their Windows build. Not sure.

Strange thing is that it doesn’t put the license text file somewhere on the disk after installation. So to double-check, I’m going to have to uninstall and reinstall again.

The installer also has the dubious merit of shipping zero documentation. It’s all on-line.

Hmmm… that would be a shame because, after reading and playing it a bit, I really like it. I saw the eula in the code and thought the same as you, but the code readme of Kronos states:

“All the source code in this repository is licensed under GPL3. This includes the runtime library, and by proxy, automatically imposes GPL3 on any of your custom software that uses the supplied library. Please contact the repository owner if you are interested in a different licensing model.”

It seems there is no readme for Veneer yet.

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I don’t know the specifics but would be fun to test out neck to neck actually. I know that recently some optimizations were made to the SuperCollider architecture file to make memory allocation a bit more realtime safe (but still not fully unfortunately).

That said, Faust is brilliant and I recommend everyone interested in a domain specific DSP language that can compile to any platform basically (including microcontrollers) to check it out.

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Have you or anyone else had hands-on experiences with JSFX performance? How does it compare to Faust or C++ UGens of SC? Being from a commercial project, there’s not much written about it, although I see that there was a port of ATK to JSFX by someone who is active on this forum @joslloand so maybe they can comment :slight_smile:

By the way, the CSound version of JSFX is a re-implementation, Cockos hasn’t open-sourced their JSFX.

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It’s a just a re-implementation of the JSFX API, the scripting engine itself (EEL2) is open source. Have a look at the WDL/eel2 folder.

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Actually, I don’t have much to say here as I’ve been focused on the ATK’s SC3 implementation. Trond Lossius manages the JSFX implementation, and has been working on some updates / refactoring.

As you’d imagine, there are significant challenges in keeping the two implementations aligned! In the ideal world, I’d love to have a unified render code base that could just be shared across target implementations. (I think I’m dreaming…)

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