Sound card for live processing

Hi, I need to buy a new sound card. I’m doing live-processing. I’m running on Windows. My initial choice was the RME Babyface PRO (although a bit above my budget) but it is out-of-stock since months (and still for months).
So I was wondering which Audio Interface people in this forum working like me (Windows 10, live-processing, mid-range budget) were using nowadays.

Sorry not exactly the Windows user myself. Still felt like sharing.
I actually use a no-budget Audio interface, coz I got my audio Interface from some mac user on ebay, who threw it away for free because apparently as he told me mac stopped the support for this hardware. So i got the ‘M-Audio Fast Track Ultra’ for free and been since using it but on Linux. It required for me no Drivers what so ever and worked just completely fine by just pluging it in. So far I’m completely happy with it and its real hard to recognize any kind delay with some Jackd real time options.

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Why not buy a used Babyface Pro? There are many of them. They last forever and will be supported for longer.

This was one of my options, but I can’t find some many of them. Actually, the only place I’m checking is eBay. Are there better places to search of used BabyFace PRO ?

Look at Lots in the USA at least. But retailers also have them in the USA, as well as the UCX. Not sure what country you are in. What they don’t have are the UFX interfaces. I think this is still related to the AKM chip factory fire in October 2020…plus a global semiconductor shortage…plus shipping blockages at international ports. Yikes.


Just checked Didn’t now we could find SoundCards there too (I thought it was only for guitars :’-D). Good news.
All the 2nd hands-ones are in the USA, (I’m in Europe). And the previous model (the blue one) is selling quite as high as the PRO FS one. I wonder how does compare the previous-blue one to some more recent cards, such as the Focusrite Clarett+ 2 Pre. I’m going to keep documenting me. Thanks.

I’m on linux instead of windows. I’ve been using Behringer UMC1820 for the past year or so and for me at least it’s working brilliantly.

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