Sound Synthesis Techniques

I want to learn about sound-synthesis and different (known) sound synthesis techniques. If any one has some tips as for books, tutorials (youtube links etc) etc, where sound synthesis techniques are explained, I would very much appreciate it.

Many thanks in advance!

You can explore a wealth of resources on Sound Synthesis, extending well beyond those specifically tailored to SuperCollider. The fundamental concepts remain largely consistent across different platforms.

From the top of my head right now, some references:

  • For practical examples in SuperCollider, there’s an informative project available at: Designing Sound in SuperCollider.

  • For a comprehensive overview of various aspects, Curtis Roads’ 1996 book, The Computer Music Tutorial (The MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass), offers a valuable resource.

  • Miller Puckette’s work, The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music, with examples in PureData, is accessible here: Electronic Music Techniques.

  • Additionally, you can find a series of DSP-related videos on this YouTube channel: Reflectives YouTube Channel.

  • There are also several YouTube tutorials on SuperCollider that delve into sound synthesis, but just enough to give you an introduction to SuperCollider. Elifield Steel’s channel is a good place to start if you are new: Elifield Steel’s SuperCollider Lessons.

How to learn sound design:

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I remember this book, tailored at beginners, (keep in mind, it was written in 2005)
Computer Music with examples in SuperCollider 3 by David Michael Cottle

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