Soundfile just playing on the left side

I’m learning SC. I tried using a soundfile, but it only sounds in the left speaker. I already checked my setup and everything is working as intended.

~congaHi =,"C:/Users/momom/OneDrive/Documentos/Ableton/Ableton Samples/Drums/Drum machines/dm o z/Novation Drumstation/Kit06/DS06808CongaHi.wav");
{, ~congaHi)}.play;

~congaLo =,"C:/Users/momom/OneDrive/Documentos/Ableton/Ableton Samples/Drums/Drum machines/dm o z/Novation Drumstation/Kit06/DS06808CongaLo.wav");
{, ~congaLo)}.play;

This appears to be a mono soundfile, so there is only information for one channel, and the first one is your left. Try:

{, ~congaLo))}.play;

To place it (by default) between two speakers, or give Pan2 a location in stereo space for where you want the sound. Hope that helps!

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