Sounds and thoughts: ALMAT 2020 symposium online

Dear All,

Thanks to my colleagues David Pirrò, Hanns Holger Rutz, and Daniele Pozzi here at IEM Graz, the symposium ALMAT 2020 happened in an online format.

Participants created so-called expositions (reports, essays, multi-media context) on the topic of algorithms in the artistic research database Research Catalogue. Finally, they discussed in three round table meetings, which are now online too.

As you can check out, several artists focussed on synthesis algorithms, you also might know people from the SC scene (Hanns Holger Rutz, Ron Kuivila). My contribution is an essay about algorithms in general but also covers my current synthesis experiments in SC (referring to the “Unorthodox Synthesis” course).

Within the many interesting techniques and reflections presented in the symposium and with special regard to SC, I’d like to point to the bytebeat approach (logical operators applied to binary numbers) as described by Jeffrey Morris. Following an idea of Ville-Matias Heikkilä, it came up ca. 10 years ago and is easy to implement in SC. See the blog of schemawound below and some posts on the SC mailing list.

ALMAT 2020 in the Research Catalogue
14 expositions (scroll to the right)

Algorithms in Sound Synthesis, Processing, and Composition: a Dialectic Game

round table videos: