Spam PRs on repo

Hi all,

In the last 3 days we’ve been getting many spam PRs on the repo (for example: I’ve reported them all to GitHub and also reported some of the profiles which created them, pointing out the larger spam pattern going on. Sorry for the inconvenience, I will update on this thread if I have new information. In the meanwhile, please close these PRs and mark them ‘invalid’ when you see them, and please do not interact with the accounts in any way except to close the PRs and report the accounts/PRs if you want to.


:smiley: Looks like SuperCollider got hit by Digital Ocean’s Hacktoberfest. In case you haven’t seen it:

That one is a classic: “an amazing project”.

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Yes, thanks for that! GitHub mentioned this in their support replies. I forgot to follow up here because the PRs disappeared shortly after I made this post. ^_^

It’s amazing what people are willing to do for a free t-shirt :roll_eyes: