Specify local quark download location for Quarks.gui

Sorry for all the basic questions - my current goal is to essentially make “project” files for each of my pieces, and given that supercollider code doesn’t compile to a statically-linked binary, that means that all of the libraries/etc. for a project should be kept as the same version that were used when the code was written.

To that end, it looks like for Quarks, I can download them then move them after the fact, putting the location in my YAML file. That works, but I’d ideally like to download the code and put it in a project-specific folder from the outset.

Is there a way to do this ? Looking through the Quarks documentation, I can’t seem to find it.

It seems you can’t.

But you can copy quark directories to another location. Then, for your projects, create language config files with the project-specific directories.


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Thanks - that’s what it looked like to me, and as with my other question, confirmation is good to have! Do you think it’d be worthwhile to put a ticket in for enhancement ?

I write C++ for a living, so I likely could do these requests myself when I have time.

It may be as simple as exposing a setter for Quarks.folder – though there may be other wrinkles (such as, maintaining consistency if you download some quarks, change the folder, and download some more… offhand I’m not sure how to make that something other than undefined behavior :laughing: )

Quarks don’t depend on a lot of C++ primitives. I think this can be addressed in the class library.


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