Specifying a custom path to scsynth


Sorry for the barrage of dev-related questions this morning but I’m in a maintenance spree… I cannot find in the doc a place where I would specify which version of scsynth I’d like to use on my machine (MacOS). I know the trick of starting it in the terminal but I wonder if there was a way in the IDE to do that? I looked at Server and ServerOptions and the remotes too but how to start from the IDE another scsynth on the local machine other than the one deep in the package but for debugger linkage I need to use a local-compiled one…

any pointer welcome


More info: I saw and read this:

but neither Program nor Server have the class variables mentionned…

Ha! So close… Server.program returns a string but when i replace it I get

exception in GraphDef_Recv: UGen ‘Control’ not installed.

many times… and obviously nothing runs on that synth. I reckon where in the doc I can find help on this, or online, or anywhere…

but hey, perseverance and this forum helped!

So I can do

Server.program = "exec 'PATH_TO_CUSTOM_SCSYNTH'/scsynth"
s.options.ugenPluginsPath = "/Applications/SuperCollider.app/Contents/Resources/plugins/"

and it works! I hope this helps someone.

note I found that adding Platform.userExtensionDir to the 2nd line is helpful to keep all my installed ugens. so that line is now for me s.options.ugenPluginsPath = ["/Applications/SuperCollider.app/Contents/Resources/plugins/", Platform.userExtensionDir]