Star Trek opera WIP!

very much in progress but here’s a scene - “singing” is Synthesizer V (project files generated in supercollider and rendered via annoying AppleScript) - pronunciation is crazy yes -

eventual presentation likely to be multiple monitor and ambi ring

hope you enjoy!


This is completely amazing, it’s so beautiful… Thanks kindly for sending. Also the SynthV.fandom pages for AiKO and Genbu are very good, I’d no idea about this.

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Thanks Rohan - appreciate the kind word! Aiko and Genbu are older sample based databases - the new hotness are the AI voices which are more lifelike. …I feel like I ought to do my time with the (free) lite gen1 stuff for now… The project files are just JSON so easy enough to generate and then render back to get audio back into sc

I think this is fantastic.

I think the pronunciation is key to why i just love this so much.