Stereo width seems broken?

Hello! Fairly new to SuperCollider so I hope this has an easy fix! I can hard pan things all the way to the right no problem, but the farthest I can go to the left is the center. I have confirmed with other audio applications that hard panning in both directions is possible, so I think the problem is with SuperCollider or my poor use of it. Here is some simple code the recreates the problem:

//This works as I expect it to, silence on the left side, noise on the right side
{[0,1], [,])}.play

//But this doesn't work as I expect it to, noise is equal in both left and right sides
{[0,1], [,])}.play

The problem happens in every other way I have been trying to use SuperCollider, not just this goofy example code. Also happens with headphones or built-in computer speakers.

I am using a MacBook Pro M1Max OSX 12.6.2; SuperCollider is 3.12.2

Thank you for your help! I searched the files and couldn’t find anything related. -Ray

The bus argument for asks for the first index of a hardware bus - by giving an array, you’re actually duplicating the two-channel signal and sending one to bus 0 (ie. output 0 & 1) and the same signal to bus 1 (ie. output 1 & 2). when you run the first block, there is a second playing on bus 2, you just can’t hear it.

Try this instead:

// hard left
{, [,])}.play
// hard right
{, [,])}.play

This is a confusing point for many as it’s a little inconsistent with the behaviour of other UGens - this thread has a bit more info about why works the way it does!

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Note, I just updated my MacOSX to 12.6.4 and I updated SuperCollider to 3.13.0 and the issue remains :frowning:

that solves it, thank you a million times!!!

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