(Stockholm, Sweden) Listening Session: Computer music for 3D Audio w/ Mads Kjeldgaard

After having spent a week in the spatial audio studio at the Swedish Academy of Art in Stockholm, churning out computer music for 3D audio systems, you are hereby invited to join us for an informal listening session at Lyssningsrum (where it says “Ljudstudion, Kungl. Konsthögskolan” on the wall).

Mads will present his work and play through some previously composed pieces on the speaker dome rig at the art academy as well as open up the composition process and present some of the experiments that have been conducted during the week long residence at the studio.

It’s free and everyone is welcome!

18.30-19.30 on the 18th of November


The listening session will happen at Lysningsrommet by Torpedverkstedet.


Mads Kjeldgaard (b. 1988 Horsens, Denmark) is an electronic music composer.

His main field of interest as a composer is computer music.

He has studied Electronic Music Composition at the Danish Institute of Electronic Music (DIEM) at the Royal Academy of Music and has a degree in journalism from the Danish School of Media and Journalism. He works at The Norwegian Center for Arts and Technology (aka Notam) in Oslo and is part of nyMusikk’s Composer Group.

As a developer, he contributes to various open source software projects related to digital art.

For more info: https://madskjeldgaard.dk/


nice mads!! \o/
are you going to stream the session? or record\upload it later? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not, Igor , sorry ;( I plan on saying a lot stupid things and bad jokes and will be playing a bunch of work-in-progress material (on a speaker dome) so it’s not a good fit for streaming. Thanks for the interest though!

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Cool, I would’ve wanted to see this, I don’t suppose you’ll have more concerts in Stockholm connected to the residency?

Doh! Saw this first now. Sorry I missed out, would have loved to be there. Hope it went well.

No worries friends, I’ll be back in Stockholm soon :slight_smile: