Strange Error with Connect to Sequencer

I have build a Synth with Supercollider.
And I can play it with a virtual Keyboard.
But when I try to play it with my Sequencer nothing appears.

A CreCo who will throw his computer in the Cabbage.

Hi CreCo, your post is a little low on information… this sequencer you mention, is it a hardware midi device? Something else? Are you listening to the correct midi channel?

Oh, Dear,
I have had it totally forgotten to reply this Thread.
It’s a little tricky with my System. I have to chose the right connection and the right settings.
I use Qtractor with Supercollider on Linux.
So I have to chose midi port 1 at my QjackCtl and in Supercollider and in Qtractor.
So this is not more a problem.