Suggestions on how to remove the click in this bass(kick)?

Trying to understand/getting better at sculpting the sound that I want. I initially was going for a bass but no I have a kick. It sounds pretty fat which is nice. I am wondering how I could remove the click but still have the same sound but more as a bass. Alternately adding another sound on top, covering the click with something more percussive, more like a kick. Either way I need to remove the click.

	SynthDef(\kickbass, {
	var sig, env;
		sig =\\,-8));
		env= Env.adsr(
			\, \,0.1, \,curve: \\;
		// sig =, \, \, 1/\;  //1/rq.sqrt
	sig = sig * env;
	sig =, \, \;\, sig);

~kickBass = Pmono(\kickbass,
		\dur, Pseq([Pdefn(\kickdur, Pseq([0.5,0.5,0.5,0.25,Rest(0.125),0.125],1))],inf).trace,
		\freq, Pdefn(\kdur,Pwrand([Pseq([50,50,60,50,50,30],1), Pseq([50,50,80,50,50,30],1),Pseq([50,50,60,50,30,30],1)],[0.8,0.2,0.1].normalizeSum,inf)),
		\amp, Pdefn(\kickbassAmp,Pseq([0.27,0.2],inf)),
	\atk, 0.001,
	\dec, Pseq([0.2,0.9],inf),
	\rel, 0.4,
		\crv, -3,
	\out, 0,

Maybe try with longer attack

A click is a quick change in amplitude, i see several in your code. The \atk is too low. Also the enveloppe is gated (\adsr) but you give it a trigger, this mean the env will immediately release, making a click, I suggest using to change the trigger into a gate:

(\, 0.1))

also there is a sudden jump in amplitude in your pattern which cause a click, i suggest adding a lag to it (in synthdef):

		\amp, Pdefn(\kickbassAmp,Pseq([0.27,0.2],inf)),
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That sound alot better! Great job! Also I think this line adds to the clicks

\trig, Pwrand([1,0],[0.97,0.03].normalizeSum,inf) 

Many thanks!

This line trigger the enveloppe, so it add click only if the enveloppe is clicking (no gate or too short segments)

I will get back to this post everytime I run into this problem