SuperCollide or Die ! A Radical SuperCollider Networked Improvisation

In the occasion of the first edition of Code Fest (,
MADLab (Limassol), CIRMA (Turin), and BEAST (Birmingham) join forces
and celebrate 25 years of SuperCollider with a radical SuperCollider-
only (no tidal, no scala, no flok - just Supercollider) with a 3-hours
long networked live-coding improvisation for both veteran and new
SuperCollider enthusiasts. Selected participants shall share
SuperCollider-produced audio with one another and improvise together
while the resulting composition -alongside its generating code- will be
live streamed in real-time. The whole community is invited to
participate; the exact number of participants and the exact structure
of the event is to be decided also by taking into account the number
and nature of the submissions.

Before the concert, the one and only JMC will intervene in streaming.

State your interest with an email to (also cc and; include name,
performance moniker, a short bio (3-4 lines), link to website and
prior work, and a short note explaining how you have used SC in the
past and how you plan to use it in the performance.

Call Deadline: September 16, 11:00 CET
Rehearsal Date: TBA
Performance date: October 1st, 21:00 CET