SuperCollider 3.10.0-rc1

Get it here:

Major changes since 3.9:

  • sclang and scide now require Qt 5.7+ instead of Qt 5.5. If you are building with Qt 5.5, you should upgrade to the latest Qt version (5.11 as of this writing). SC can now be built on modern versions of Visual Studio and UserView supports Retina/HiDPI display.
  • Menus are now supported in the Qt GUI. See help files for Menu, MenuAction, ToolBar, and MainMenu.
  • Added wrappers for over 100 special mathematical functions (gamma function, Bessel functions, elliptic integrals, etc.) from the Boost library.
  • SerialPort now works on Windows.
  • Fixed CPU hog when sclang is built without Qt.
  • Fixed some stray issues on Windows with paths containing non-ASCII characters.
  • The IDE’s appearance now adapts to your editor theme, and a prettier default theme as well.
  • New reverb UGen (NHHall) and higher-order ambisonic UGens (HOA*) in sc3-plugins.
  • See full changelog.

Known issues:

  • FileDialog can hang. Currently we are only able to reproduce on KDE, but other OS’s could be affected.
  • On Windows and Linux, running code with Ctrl+Enter in the help browser (not the editor) only evaluates the current line. A workaround is to select text by hand.
  • The IDE and sclang GUI are not compilable on some systems, most notably embedded devices like RPi, due to the Qt WebEngine dependency.

Thanks for adding support for menus!

Thanks! you guys are the best. Will test asap