SuperCollider 3.10.1-rc1

We’ve just completed a release candidate for SuperCollider 3.10.1. We don’t typically do release candidates for 3.x.x patch releases, but there’s a fix for SerialPort.devices in macOS that we need help testing. If you’re on macOS and you experienced the SerialPort.devices hang bug that appeared in 3.10, please try this release candidate and let us know if it’s fixed.

Thanks for helping us test SuperCollider!

Changes since 3.10.0

Fixed an infinite hang in SerialPort.devices affecting macOS. Testers: the correctness of this fix is not fully certain, please try SerialPort.devices if you are on macOS.

Fixed a build issue on OpenBSD.

Fixed /b_fill, which was broken in supernova.

Fixed incorrect latency compensation in PortAudio driver.

The CheckBadValues UGen incorrectly recognized zero as a bad value on Windows. This has been fixed.

Fixed crtscts flag in, which broke in 3.10.

Fixed lack of backgroundImage support for Slider2D.

Fixed incorrect behavior of String:asSecs.

0X0 is an illegal hexadecimal literal in sclang, but SCIDE and SCDoc highlighted such strings as if they were correct. They have been updated.

Fixed weird colors in SCIDE when changing from other themes to the “classic” theme.

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