SuperCollider 3.10.2-rc1

SuperCollider 3.10.2-rc1 is released! Most importantly, this release prevents a steady memory leak in sclang+qt that affected all platforms since 3.10.0, and fixes a well-known bug when writing strings like "\"" in the class library. Get it here:

Due to immature development status and lack of cross-platform compatibility, MainMenu is no longer enabled by default. It can be re-enabled by running MainMenu.initBuiltInMenus (add this to your startup file to permanently re-enable). The API for MainMenu is subject to change in the future.

MainMenu consumes less resources and no longer causes a gradual memory leak.

Fix SCIDE missing an icon on some Linux desktop environments.

Fixed incorrect parsing of strings containing \" and single-quote symbols containing \' in class library files.

Fixed language-side issues when using FFT UGens on a regular Buffer rather than a LocalBuf.

Added TempoClock:isRunning method.

Fixed some compiler warnings.

Thanks for testing SuperCollider!

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Hello Nathan,

Thanks a lot for this new release ?
Why 3.10.2-rc1 is compiled with Qt 5.9.1,
while 3.10 was compiled with Qt 5.11.2 (just curious) ?


Thanks Nathan!

I take the occasion to emphasize the fact that on Win10 64bit SC server still does not boot if Jack 64bit is installed.

At the moment do for us Win10 64bit user it’s impossible to “seriously” integrate SC in the production workflow when other apps are needed (as Ableton Live).

Sorry if this seems misleading about the 10.2rc1 testing cycle.

I’ll run anyway some test disabling Jack (just renaming libjack64.dll to libjack64.dxx.

BTW a quick test after i disabled Jack by renaming libjack64.dll to libjack64.dxx everything seems fine with 10.2rc1

hi all, please use the github issue tracker to report and discuss issues with SuperCollider. thanks!

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Thanks Nathan, already did it some time ago.