SuperCollider 3.10.2

SuperCollider 3.10.2 is out! This patch release fixes a memory leak affecting sclang+Qt users on all platforms, introduced in the 3.10.0 version. Upgrading is highly recommended!

Due to immature development status and lack of cross-platform compatibility, MainMenu is no longer enabled by default. It can be re-enabled by running MainMenu.initBuiltInMenus (add this to your startup file to permanently re-enable). The API for MainMenu is subject to change in the future.

MainMenu consumes less resources and no longer causes a gradual memory leak.

Fix SCIDE missing an icon on some Linux desktop environments.

Fixed incorrect parsing of strings containing \" and single-quote symbols containing \' in class library files.

Fixed language-side issues when using FFT UGens on a regular Buffer rather than a LocalBuf.

Added TempoClock:isRunning method.

Fixed some compiler warnings.


Yes, this was quite critical. Got my machine frozen couple of times because of it.

Thank you to all devs for amazing work!