SuperCollider 3.10.3

SuperCollider 3.10.3 has been released! Get it here:

Breaking change: scsynth had a security issue where it listens to by default. For most users, this is undesirable behavior since it allows anyone on your local network to send messages to scsynth! This default has been changed to (#4516). To change it back (e.g. for networked server/client setups), use -B at the command line or server.options.bindAddress = "".

This is the first release with macOS codesigning, which fixes permissions issues running code or booting the server on Mojave. Make sure to download the signed zip.

On Windows, scsynth was not able to select separate input and output devices. Since many audio drivers present inputs and outputs as separate devices, this caused major blocking issues for anyone using Windows with an external sound card. This has been fixed (#4475).

Fixed crashes trying to run multiple IDEs at once, and a related error when attempting to run HelpBrowser:instance in sclang while an IDE help browser is open (#4267).

Fix issues when using a regular Buffer (that is, not a LocalBuf) for FFT (#4050).

Fixed class library compilation issues on Qt-less sclang installations (#4219).

On macOS, Cmd+Q in the IDE would quit the interpeter but not the IDE. This is a regression from old behavior where the IDE was quit entirely. This has been fixed (#4300).

Since 3.10, the help browser would execute code twice when selected. This has been fixed (#4390).

See a complete list of changes.

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