SuperCollider 3.10 released

We are proud to announce the release of SuperCollider 3.10! Working on this release has been an arduous process. We’ve come a long way, and we’ll continue to polish things up in backward-compatible 3.10.x patch releases. We hope you enjoy the countless new features and fixes contributed by our fantastic development community.

As a friendly reminder, the issue tracker for SuperCollider is on GitHub. Please report any bugs there rather than replying to this thread, and make sure to check our contributor’s guide for directions on submitting.

Some of the more notable changes in this version include:

  • Major UI updates to the IDE, including a better default theme and new built-in themes such as Solarized Light and Dark
  • SerialPort is now available on Windows
  • The Supernova server is now available in the release package for macOS
  • Breaking change: Float:asString now always produces a decimal point, so 3.0.asString is now “3.0” instead of “3”.
  • Lots (100+) of new math functions are available in sclang
  • Menu GUI components are available in sclang
  • Fixed high CPU usage by sclang when built without Qt
  • Fixes for file path encoding issues on Windows
  • The web view backend used in the IDE help browser and WebView class changed from QWebKit to QWebEngine, which means the project now builds with Qt >= 5.7
  • The project now supports building with Windows Visual Studio >= 2015

Check out “News in 3.10” in the IDE or the full changelog for more information.

You can grab the latest version from the release page on GitHub. sc3-plugins 3.10 also has some new goodies worth checking out.

Thanks for using SuperCollider!