SuperCollider 3.10 with macOS Mojave



Before upgrading from High Sierra to macOS Mojave,
has anyone discovered specific issues with SC 3.10 on the latest macOS ?

Many thanks,



oh yes.
completely blank help browser. looks like some issue with QT in Mojave.
after reading the internets it was easily fixed by creating an Automator script that runs a shell script:

cd /Applications/SuperCollider/
./SuperCollider --disable-gpu

then i saved the Automator file as a standalone app to launch. help and tutorials galore!

ah. and people say in only happens on Xeon processors. i have the issue on a 2013 mac pro but not on my 2018 MBP.



Has someones tested on MacBook Pro (Late 2016) ?
Otherwise, I will wait.



I would consider holding off. I’ve had some very disruptive problems using SC on Mojave. The more restrictive microphone permissions have bit me a few times, and I see some very weird deep in the OS hangs when launching, I think due to application signing issues.

These may be caused and/or exaggerated by the fact that I’ve got like 15 different dev copies floating around on my machine :slight_smile: - and I think I’ve basically solved the above problems after fiddling with security preferences for a while, and manually signing my local builds. I’d love to hear other reports of people using SC on Mojave, to see if these are going to be common problems, or if it’s something particular to my environment.


all smooth on my mbp 15’ 2018 2.6 / 16 / mojave
including running TX_Modular from inside SC 3.10 which i believe is one rather demanding toolkit

‘trash can’ mac pro 2013 however has a pretty serious issue that i described a couple of posts back