Supercollider and ChatGPT

I tried telling chatgpt to write code for supercollider. It did, but it was full of errors. Not huge ones. Minor stuff. It’s not quite there, But it’s close.
Is there a way to get it to know it better? It would be incredible to describe what you want and have it pump out something .

If you want something where you can describe what you want and have it write SuperCollider code for you, there’s a new AI tool called “Nathan” and it’ll be available fairly soon for freelance work.


Oh wow, can you give me a link? Even if it’s in dev, something to watch to keep in the loop? Thanks

Hey wait, u are Nathan.

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If you can come out with something that really works? I’ll donate big time

There are free software projects that claim to be equivalent to chatgtp, but “trained” locally. There are a few on github. I don’t know the practicality of something like that for coding SC.

ChatGPT is really bad with supercollider, but the funny thing is it knows the API quite well. I’d wager better than it actually knows SuperCollider. Honestly, posting in the forum isn’t a bad choice. The community is generally very patient and eager to help others learn!

Yes, it’s not a good idea to use ChatGPT as a learning tool; especially for SC.