SuperCollider Behind the Scene - Talk and Concert

On Fri 1st we will have the one and only JMC live at the Codefest. SC concert will follow!

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Is it possible to follow the conference online? (Zoom, etc…)

It seems that the event will be streamed on youtube with a link provided by this registration link

I am not able to register. It asks me in Italian to correct the red fields, but all fields are filled correctly (none is red), I’ve set consent as well, nothing happens :frowning:
I have tried with firefox and chrome.

Same behavior here, using the last version of Firefox.

Per poter proseguire, è necessario che tu sia un utente registrato.

Will try again after creating an account and update this post accordingly.
EDIT: same error on the page used to create an account.

Yep, sorry I don’t manage this directly. Could you please drop a line indicating the email address you are registering to



ok, seems it’s an issue on server side with some email domain extension. Please drop a line in case of failure to morena and she can fix manually the issue



OK, I’m posting youtube links so no registration fuss




Thanks a lot, this makes the participation easier. <3

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Thank you! :slight_smile: (some more words for the 20 characters limit)

this idea of samples just being lazy lists you can operate on is so appealing! Loved when he pushes a sine wave onto the stack, inspects the values, then scales and plays it -How to hack that together in sclang hmmm

It is part of his creative development but I see that an engine that can compile ugens natively and run in real time from any language is almost there, and that would be awesome for many people. Great talk, and thank you Andrea et al.

not clear to me that he ever means to share it though! the gui stuff was interesting also

Yes, he’s always clear about that, it’s a personal path of creativity, and how to represent and express things which is something interesting to me. Yet it got me thinking again that the world will never agree on one programming language, that some structures should lie decoupled and beneath their surface. I see it with a certain fascination.

This won’t help with any of the very nice implementation aspects of Sapf, but you can write SuperCollider graphs in Forth if you like.

Forth’s very nice, in it’s way.

Source archive:

Tiny demonstration video:

It’s threaded, so you can run parallel processes if you like.

Tiny demonstration video:

Also, you could happily print SuperCollider graphs as lists of numbers if you wanted to.

I don’t know if there’s anything to do exactly that in the standard library, but .plot is very close.

(It fetches the numbers to a collection but then draws them rather than prints them).

{ }.plot

Yes in the early 80s my first job, still in high school, was writing audio routines in Forth for games for PCs in the Japanese market. We had no prebuilt oscillors and no DAC - we could only send 0 or 1 to the speakers… But there was something very nice about Forth that I have missed. Perhaps you have seen Paul Batchelors Sporth? Sporth

Ah, no I hadn’t, thanks kindly for the reference, it looks very nice indeed!

(I’m not sure it was about when I did the above, I poked around but maybe I missed it, oh well…)

Hmsl is very nice too!

I wish JMC one day develop a language for controlling visuals… I really miss dedicated language abstractions specifically developed for controlling visuals. As a user, sometimes I think I am too often reinventing the wheel on Processing and OpenFrameworks…

BTW, does anyone knows how he has mapped UGen into graphics (32:44)? Does not look like a XY Ugen plot neither like converting a UGen array into brigthness for each screen line. Using to UGens for setting the position and then draw lines accordingly ?


fmiramar have you checked out SCintellator?