SuperCollider extension CYCLE

Hi SuperCollider users,

I had the idea a few years ago to collect all numerical algorithm forming cycle.

I started the work as a lisp library called cl-cycle and it is still under development.

Then, as a SuperCollider user, I wanted to implement these algorithms to use it directly in SC language and naturally share it.

All the algorithms return an array with the cycle itself prepended by its `path’ if it exists. In this way, to access to the cycle, you have just to select the last item of the array, and for the path — or the cycle by default — the first item.

This SuperCollider extension cycle can be installed directly on the Platform.userExtensionDir or with the package manager Quarks by evaluating Quarks.install("")

An Instance of use:

Pbind(\degree, [1,2,3,4,1].kaprekar(5).pattern(inf, true, false), \dur, 3.euclidean(8, true).pattern(inf)/4).play;

You are welcome to participate in this work by completing or improving the existing algorithms, and adding any algorithm fitting the theme of cyclicity.
Any contribution will be mentioned.
Any suggestions and feedback are welcome.



The SuperCollider extension cycle has been updated. The main changes imply the result according to the algorithm and the ‘filtering’ methods. Browse Math/Cycle on the SuperCollider Help browser. Note that the method pattern is henceforth obsolete.


The SuperCollider extension cycle (version 1.0.5) has been updated (and the related Common Lisp library cl-cycle). The methods .sieve, .symGroup, and .kreuzspiel were implemented and the new method .campanology was added, related by @domaversano.
Thanks to report any issues, to propose improvements or new algorithms.