Supercollider flucoma xx1

The bcr2k was mapped to various parameters of supercollider synths. The performance was reedited to a final piece, and transients extracted using flucoma. The transient points were used to generate edits in a video to sync changes.

supercollider flucoma xx1


flashing images for those who have epileptic seizures

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Wow that was intense for the morning :slight_smile: thanks for sharing!

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Beautiful!! Curious about how much editing was done. The flow is no nice.

I had to iterate a little on the programming, trying out different things. This ended up with 894 edits, which amounts to a mean average of 1 edit per 0.6 seconds. Though, there’s a distribution to it, because the detected transients inter onset interval have some variability.

wow, The link to youtube… it actually crashed my computer, lock-dup tight… never got to watch the flickering or whut evr…