SuperCollider in the house: Hoodoo techno live jam 3/24

I’ve been lucky enough to find (in Guangzhou PRC, of all places) a techno DJ collective with a strong commitment to live electronics, not only DJing – including, opening every event with a live jam. Yesterday it was my turn:

  • Me: SuperCollider + my live-coding framework + Open Stage Control on my tablet.
  • A local producer, Senonix, on an Elektron Digitakt. Percussion is all him, everything else is me.
  • I had prepared a few instrument-loading code snips in advance but all the musical material is live-improvised.
  • I’m running 2 instances of sclang: one is only sending MIDI clock messages out the soundcard’s MIDI port (connected via 5-pin DIN [remember those? :laughing: ]) to the Digitakt); the other is running the live coding system, synced to the first by LinkClock. Why 2 sclangs? Because it would be bad if MIDI clock messages were delayed due to an interpreter lock being held just a bit too long (at 130 bpm, 24 ppq ~= 19 ms). Completely stable for an hour-long set.
  • Credit to womb_affliction at for the vocal sample.
  • Piano is… I think it’s Salamander Grand Piano V3 (sfz), played by Plogue Sforzando automatically bridged from wine by spacechild1’s VSTPlugin – 1/ Sforzando vst2 supports per-note detuning and I’m using it here; 2/ it’s kind of astonishing to be able to take SC → VSTPlugin → wine → sforzando onstage and have full confidence in it.

Short excerpt near the end of the show: