Supercollider on Fedora 38


I just updated to Fedora 38 and am having trouble starting the Supercollider server. Hopefully,
someone can assist.

When I initially tried to upgrade to Fedora 38, I was blocked from upgrading because the Package
jack-audio-connection-kit.example-clients had been marked as obsolete. I allowed the package to
be erased and continued the upgrade. When I attempt to start the Supercollider server using the
command scsynth -u57711 -i 2 -l 8 I receive the error message “Segmentation fault (core dumped)”

When I look in the core dump using gdb I see the message

Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
#0 0x00007f91f2d8b722 in client_node_transport () from /usr/lib64/pipewire-0.3/jack/

I originally installed the jack-audio-connection-kit.example-clients package when Fedora
switched to using pipewire as a default instead if Jack. The above package included
the jack_lsp command. Without this package I could not run the Supercollider server.

I attempted to add this command in Fedora 38 by adding the jack-example-tools package from the
planetccrma repo. This did not fix the issue. Installing the package did add the command, but
The Supercollider server still crashes with a Segmetation Fault. In fact, If I attempt to
run the jack_lsp command by itself, it also crashes with a Segmentation Fault.

If anyone is running Supercollider with Fedora 38, I would be very interested to know
if you encountered this and any solution you might have found. Also, if you did not
run into this issue, I would be interedted in knowing anything you can tell me about
you audio/pipewire setup on Fedora 38.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information that would help.



Do you have pipewire-jack-audio-connection-kit installed, or you just deleted jack? Pipewire needs this plugin to simulate jack.

I’m running fedora 38 here. The only problem with pipewire is that you need jack-devel to build sc.

Thanks so much for the reply. I do have pipewire-jack-audio-connection-kit installed. But on checking it I discovered that I do not have the most current version of pipewire-jack-audio-connection-kit. I updated it and Supercollider is working!!!

Thanks for your response. I don’t know how long it would have taken me to find this without your prompting.