SuperCollider vs Time?

Hi, everyone.
I have a question for that people who have been doing 3 activities:

SuperCollider and 2 bachelors or 2 masters or a bachelor and a PhD?

Normally I have been in the late years doing music and computer science; I have enough time for SC but sometimes I found I wish have more time for SC.

People normally said to me it is a lot of activities, but normally I reach my goal in Universities, I approve the courses. Do some one have the same situation? Can you code SC and do 2 academic activities? How hard has it been? And what feedback do you receive from friends and colleagues?.

Im working fulltime as a civil engineer and have been studying composition on the side and after 2 years quit my studies. It was not possible for me to come up with a piece each semester when wanting to also develop my programming skills, knowledge of contemporary music and composition and translate these compositional ideas into code. My days have been work 8-10 hours at day job after that work with SC and study books, papers, lectures on compostion, practicing piano etc. for 8-10 hours and then sleep for 2-4 hours during that time.


I think this is most asked question in our field and it will only have personal answers since life decisions are a extremely complex net of highly non-linear logical gates :slight_smile:

Maybe a good starting point is to think about this question is to consider some people that have helped building up the SC community (that was what I did when I decided to shift my career towards computer music/SC). I will point to some of them who have been really active in the SC development but are not part of the forum (unfortunately). I am also super curious to hear about people that are in forum.

James McCartney life history:

Some people with parallel academic activities:

Dan Stowell
have been an active SC developer in the beginning of the 2000s/2010s (is he still contributing or making music with SC?) and now seems to be concentrated on a academic career of MIR and Bioacoustics: dr. Dan Stowell | Tilburg University

Nathaniel Virgo: I am not sure if he was also part of the dev team, but he made some super interesting SCTweets! I guess he is currently also concetrated on a academic career (Artificial Life, Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics and Earth Systems Science?)

Frederik Olofsson: currently contributes github, has teach SC at the UDK in Berlin (the github material is really inspiring) and guessing from his website I think his is now focusing on his artistic career:

Other life stories from the Pd, Max, Processing, would be inspiring as well.

I consider myself a super lucky person since I live in a third world country where half of the population spend the month with around 150 dollars and I have the opportunity to make music and study SC. I have a bachelor in electrical engineering, but after a long-term internship in a factory I figured out that it was too risky and time consuming, although rewarding money-wise. As we only live once, I choose a career shift towards academic eletroacoustic music. My personal solution was to find a job at the university where they allow me to have a minimal time compatibility with my studies (master and now phd).

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Thanks for the relevant information about you and others in the SC medium,
it is a kind of fluent ideas about how I need to understand that I will not easily give up what I´m doing.

I as well came from a poor country and my job is in a Bilingual Call Center for now, but my Universities are public ones so they are cheap.

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