superLied Multimedia Poetry Workshop

on Sunday February 11 2024, from 3pm-5pm EST, I’ll be hosting a free workshop focused on developing multimedia poetry using a text-to-music SuperCollider script I’ve developed, called superLied. The workshop will be on zoom.

The workshop will start with a gentle walk through the setup process for SuperCollider generally and superLied specifically, and I’ll share some strategies I use for composing and performing with this tool, but my hope is that we’ll spend most of the time messing around with the script, trying out ideas, and sharing them with each other. By the end, I hope that everyone will have their very own multimedia poem they can take home, revise further, perform, send out for publication, or publish themselves.

Two Round Robins made a wonderful video about superLied, which I would recommend checking out if you’d like to learn more about the script – what it sounds like, how it works, etc. I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have in advance of the event.

This workshop is one part of a four-day-long AWP-conference-alternative event called A Writer’s Party, presented by Be About It Press and Thirty West Publishing House. I’m so grateful to Be About It’s Alexandra Naughton for inviting me to do this weird, wild thing. It feels a bit like inviting folks into the world of my dreams.

If you’re interested, you can register for the workshop here.


wow, this looks and sounds superinteresting, kudos! I look forward to finding the bandwidth for a closer look : )


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