Supersaw with FM7

Hi folks, I found that some kind of Supersaw produced by FM synthesis are powerfull. I have examples in mind listening FM8 (native soft) and the original DX7. As a rookie on SC, could someone post a code using (could it be possible to get the detuned effect - normally 7 saws - using only one of this UGen, using the 6 operators maxtrix ?) , or otherwise using the combination of Career and Modulators SinOsc, or even PMOsc, to produce a custom supersaw?
More generally I am really interested by the creation of Sawtooth waves using Sine waves and FM synthesis.
If someone could post a code it would be great.
Thanks a lot.

Hi Raphael,

I think you might find it more instructive (in SC and for the music you want to create) if you have a go, post the code, and see if someone can give you some tips. I’d start by looking at some help files:

Mark Polishook’s Frequency Modulation or the PMOsc help files. And of course there’s a very nice set of tutorials by Eli Fieldsteel’s on FM synthesis which I’m sure you’ll find interesting, to be found on YouTube: Part 1, Part 2.

As for the DX7, I remember seeing this posted several years ago on, maybe it could be what you’re looking for: Accurate Yamaha DX-7 Emulation using Supercollider

Hope that helps.

Concerning building a saw by sine waves you’ve asked for that already in another thread and I’ve posted a code example there.