Suspicious Syntax Error on Windows 11

Hi all,

I just got a new HP Laptop (I’m saying this because it comes with some preinstalled HP Wolf Security) with Windows 11 on it. After doing a fresh install of SuperCollider 3.13 I’m getting some very weird Errors (only when the local server is running. (The Code works perfectly fine on my Windows 10 PC and older Windows 11 Laptop). Here is my Bug Report with Code examples and the errors: Weird Syntax Error on Windows 11 · Issue #6150 · supercollider/supercollider · GitHub

I am wondering why this keeps happening. I already added all the supercollider processes to extension lists of the windows defender and HP Wolf Security.

Could somebody please help me, how to solve this problem? Or how to further investigate?

isn’t this the same interprocess IDE/sclang bug/s other people have reported on windows?

Seems like it! Thank you! Are there any solutions yet? Or anything that helps? Cause for me SC is unuseable like that…