Symlink sc/

Hello! Anyone know how to perform this step as suggested in the scvim github documentation? I am on an Ubuntu 22.04 system.

If your SuperCollider version was not build with vim support (i.e. the class SCVim does not exist yet), you’ll need to either symlink sc/ somewhere where SuperCollider can find it (typically that would be in Platform.userExtensionDir from within SuperCollider), or add (the absolute path to) scvim/sc to includePaths: in your sclang_conf.yaml.

This is the error i’m working on to resolve which I assume is related.

albert@t450:~/Documents$ /home/albert/.vim/pack/my/start/scvim/bin/start_pipe
compiling class library
Warning: Ignoring XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland on Gnome. Use QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland
 to run on Wayland anyway.
        Found 862 primitives.
        Compiling directory '/usr/share/SuperCollider/SCClassLibrary'
        Compiling directory '/usr/share/SuperCollider/Extensions'
        Compiling directory '/home/albert/.local/share/SuperCollider/Extensions'
        numentries = 823353 / 12113526 = 0.068
        5403 method selectors, 2242 classes
        method table size 13223448 bytes, big table size 96908208
        Number of Symbols 12279
        Byte Code Size 370528
        compiled 324 files in 0.50 seconds

Info: 4 methods are currently overwritten by extensions. To see which, execute:

compile done
localhost : setting clientID to 0.
internal : setting clientID to 0.
Couldn't set realtime scheduling priority 1: Operation not permitted
Class tree inited in 0.01 seconds
SCVim could not be initialized.
Consult the README to see how to install scvim.

*** Welcome to SuperCollider 3.11.2. *** For help type :SChelp.
Couldn't set realtime scheduling priority 1: Operation not permitted

Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile: