Sysex Message for EWI

Hi, I am having trouble sending a sysex message for changing the fingering for my EWI USB to valve fingering. I have found a message to send, but the format does not seem to work in SC. Here is where I got the ingredients for the message:

So I am trying to send this to my my EWI but it is not working:

F0 47 7F 6D 00 04 F7

Thank you

How did you try to send it?

Something like this should work:

~midi_out.sysex(Int8Array.newFrom([16rF0, 16r47, 16r7F, 16r6D, 16r00, 16r04, 16rF7]));

(~midi_out must be an initialized and connected MIDIOut instance, also check out which has an example of sending sysex to a device)

Wow, this worked beautifully!

Thank you very much. I have to put the instrument down and get to some other work, I’ve been practicing with the new fingering, this is so exciting!

Thank you again,