System Error: Access is Denied

Hi there.

I’m new to Super Collider and currently I’m just trying to record a sine wave.

It gives the following error message:

Preparing recording on ‘localhost’

File ‘C:\Users\Nicolas\Documents\SuperCollider\Recordings\SC_221127_112500.wav’ could not be opened: System error : Acess is Denied.

How do I give permission to SC to write on my files? (If that’s the solution)

Thanks in advance.

TBH I don’t know quite what is going on. The (presumably default) recording location is inside your Documents folder, and if you didn’t have access to that, then you would have bigger problems than SC recording.

I guess there are a couple of possibilities:

  1. The folder exists but, for some unknown Windows-glitchy reason, your user in fact doesn’t have write permission to it. In that case, probably the quickest way would be to right-click on the directory → Properties → give permission and try again.

  2. Or, maybe the folder is missing…? This seems unlikely because (at least in Linux) the error message is “No such file or directory.” But maybe Windows simply reports “Access denied” – you never know with Windows :roll_eyes:but our Recorder class is supposed to create the directory if it didn’t exist, so it would be weird if it didn’t.

My guess is no. 1.