TDuty Expansion

Hi SC Users -

I had a small question about using TDuty and a Demand-rate UGen.

var  demandUGens;
demandUGens 	= Dseq([[0, 1], [0, 1]], inf);, 0, demandUGens)

In this example, I use nested arrays in Dseq - but expansion does not work as it would in another scenario (like[100, 200, 300]) would have a different frequency in three different channels, or Pseq([[100, 200, 300]], inf) - where channels don’t expand and a chord is played.

I’m hoping to understand a bit better what is happening here and whether it is possible to do something where the channels expand - or if I need to take a different tack and redesign the array for multiple Dseqs, as presented in the help file.

Thank you.

What is the wrong behavior you’re seeing?

It is multi-channel expanding on my machine… seems not a problem.


One more follow-up – a reply from polina said that in fact it was working fine – it seems to have gotten flagged for review (perhaps because it was a short post?) and then I guess I accidentally deleted it. In any case the upshot is that the problem was solved.

@polina.v sorry about the accidental delete – your post was fine.