Temp-file throws 'Format not recognised' error

I am getting this error today for the first time. I tried the usual stuff, rebooting SC, rebooting computer, nothing worked. Any ideas what could cause such an error for a tmp file?

OSX 13.6.4, SC 3.13, 1st gen M1.

File β€˜/Users/thormadsen/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/tmp/-211969695’ could not be opened: Format not recognised.

This error would be coming from the server, when loading an audio file – thus probably a loadCollection.

I guess first troubleshooting step:

~test = { |format = "wav", sample = "int16"|
	var path = PathName.tmp +/+ 100000.rand ++ "." ++ format;
	var file = SoundFile(path)
	var buffer;
	if(file.openWrite) {
			Signal.sineFill(512, [1]);
	} {
		Error("File write failed").throw;
	s.waitForBoot {
		var cond = CondVar.new;
		buffer = Buffer.read(s, path, action: { cond.signalAll });
		cond.waitFor(1, { buffer.numFrames.notNil });
		if(buffer.numFrames.isNil) {
			Error("File read failed").throw;


~test.("aiff", "float");

// try different formats

If it fails, then something regressed in soundfile writing/reading. If it passes, something regressed in loadCollection.


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Thanks a lot. I haven’t figured out exactly why I got the error, but now I have a good idea where in my code to check next time I see it.