Terse Guide to SuperCollider

The file below is a variation on Chris Rathman’s “Terse Guide to Smalltalk” (http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/5699).

It’s a bit terser still (it was made to test a parser and translator) but it might be useful for people who like terse guides!



That’s really useful. Thank you! Some of my students might like this.

I need this! thanks !

Thanks a lot, this is very useful!

really useful!

+1 vote for adding this to the main branch! (and expand it if possible: one guide like this for UGens, one for patterns and more language methods on this one)


I love this as well… do you think it would be useful to also show an example of math order of operations?

I do, but I think it’s already there, line 8? It really is quite a terse style!

Any corrections and additions very welcome!

Ps. The original file is at https://www.angelfire.com/tx4/cus/notes/smalltalk.html, Chris Ratham has lot’s of other nice things too. (I sent the Squeak link above because that’s where it gets called a “Terse Guide”, which I think is a nice title…)

The original link is a great find! thanks a lot, this is super useful for sclang.

It’s really well done, thank you.

That’s really useful. Thank you! Some of my students might like this.
My students were wondering why [1, 2, 3].reverse is not included.
Thank you for sharing this document!

Added, thanks kindly.

Also a section on List (inplace / copying)