The Art of Algorithmic Composition

Hey everyone… So after developing an algorithmic composition program - using the following technique - Bit-by-bit Circular Composition … I have come to some findings about what I think is the ART of algorithmic composition.

The first thing is… is that an algorithm is not enough. An algorithm is really just a method used to make music. But there is not “art” in an algorithm alone.

… What makes a piece of music composed algorithmically good is the art of how it was composed.

This is no different from any other art form.

What I have come to find about the art of algorithmic composition is… is that there has to be a story in how a piece is composed. There has to have magic.


“Meaning” is a key word here.

The process of how a program makes music must have meaning.

The process of how an algorithmic piece of music is composed must have some kind of meaningful process to it.

Now what does a “meaningful process”… mean?

I think that this “meaningful process” is what really gets the spirit of the algorithm that you are building into the algorithm.

… In an effort to make this algorithm, or program… really… an artist. An artist with a message… or a “way” which it sees or does things.

An artist with a spirit of it’s own.

But the “way” this artist creates art has to mean something.

And thus… when one builds an algorithm which composes music, there must be some kind of meaning behind it.

Philosophical meaning. :slight_smile:

For all art that holds any value has some kind of philosophical meaning within it. <3

All good artists have a story to tell.

A message to tell.

A philosophical message.


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A “way”. <3…

… A philosophical “way” of seeing things and/or doing things, which means something.