The Descent @ Kunsthalle Zürich

If anyone is in or visiting Zurich, I did a sound installation as part of this exhibit / performance by Lauryn Youden. The performance was a reading of Alice Notley’s The Descent of Alette, in a subway station constructed in the basement of the basement of the Kunsthalle - the exhibit, including the 4 channel sound environment I created for the performance, will be running until July 2nd.

The sound was created entirely in SuperCollider, and was composed mostly of field recordings manipulated by long-running generative processes. I’ll eventually post a headphone-appropriate mix of the sound, but there’s a small snipped in the mean time:

I’d love a report about how it sounds if someone visits :slight_smile: - I wasn’t able to be present for the install, and getting sound set up correctly via phone calls and text messages is always a bit of an unknown.



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