There's no server-side bus allocator (even as 3rd party plugin), correct?

All buses on the server are “always on”, if I’m not mistaken. Furthermore, the whole bus allocator business on the client (e.g. Sever.controlBusAllocator which is called by Bus.control but also by some other classes directly) has no support/equivalent on the server side, even as 3rd party/plugin (pseudo) UGens, correct?

That’s correct. Bus “allocation” is purely so that the client doesn’t get confused.


I see however I can use LocalIn (and the corresponding LocalOut) as a 1-channel local bus allocator, invisible to other synths. I’m not entirely sure if those don’t reuse the global bus numbers somehow, i.e. if sound or control sent on one of those local buses doesn’t “show up” on a randomly numbered global bus. I guess no since it would be mentioned in the help otherwise, I presume.

Multiple channels are supported too – only one LocalIn/LocalOut pair is allowed per synth, but as many channels as you need.

“Local” means local to the synth, 100%. It would be a bug if it used global buses.


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