thisProcess.nowExecutingPath return nil in SCVIM

I want to get the current working directory in scvim and used the command thisProcess.nowExecutingPath, but it returns nil.
In scvim, is there any way to get the current working directory as an absolute path?

hmmm thisProcess.nowExecutingPath works over here! (Mac)

have you tried “echo $PWD”.unixCmdGetStdOut ?

Now executing path isn’t the same as current working directory, try File.getcwd instead.

iiuc thisProcess.nowExecutingPath has never worked in SCVim. See thisProcess.nowExecutingPath · Issue #36 · supercollider/scvim · GitHub for context.

If you use or are open to switching to Neovim, it does work in SCNVim.


I switched to Neovim and it does work! Thank you!

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