Tips and tricks: SuperCollider on Arch-based operating systems

Hello everyone

I thought it would be nice to have a thread on the subject of using SuperCollider on Arch based linux (Arch Linux, Manjaro etc) distributions since there are quite a few nice packages and tricks for using SuperCollider on these distros. This makes it pretty easy to install a lot of plugins for example and keep everything up to date.

So, feel free to post your tips and tricks for using SuperCollider on these distros.


SuperCollider packages in the Arch Repository

SuperCollider plugins on the AUR

SuperCollider (related) packages in the Arch User Repository

Installing plugins and packages from the AUR
A lot of plugins are available on the AUR and are easily installed using an aur helper tool like yay.

example installing supercollider, vstplugin, flucoma, mkplugins and sc3-plugins in one command:

yay -S supercollider-mkplugins supercollider supercollider-flucoma supercollider-vstplugin sc3-plugins

I use the excellent tool topgrade to update my system. It will run pacman, yay or paru, and any other package manager it finds on your system. Additionally (and this is where it gets particularly interesting for SC-users), you can set it to update git repos, so you could for example put this into you .config/topgrade.toml file:

repos = [

and it will keep your quarks up to date together with everything else you need.

A while ago I wrote a blog post about setting up Arch on my ASUS laptop: Setting Up Arch Linux on Asus A15 | Roosna & Flak with a lot of tips on general configuration and usage for pro audio. Might also be interesting to check out, with the caveat that all those install-tutorials usually end up being out of date within a few months, so always consult the official wiki first!


Fredrik Olofsson’s plugin suite (f0plugins) has been added to the AUR today


the super-bufrd plugins have been added as well. Install using the supercollider-super-bufrd-git package. GitHub - esluyter/super-bufrd: UGens for accessing long buffers with subsample accuracy


mi-ugens and xplaybuf have been added to the AUR now as well (see above)

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as an arch linux user I applaud your efforts :slight_smile:

maybe this is interesting too? (i hope it doesn’t come across as me trying to give you extra work - if so, just ignore the suggestion :slight_smile: )

Here you go :wink:

I also have packages for some of esluyter’s plugins but waiting for some things to be fixed in the source code before I can publish them

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Also added @LFSaw 's steroids ugens


great packages mads! :smiley:
can i suggest two more?

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Thanks I’ll look into those.

Also finally figured out how to turn faust based plugins into AUR packages! First up is @Sam_Pluta’s Maths:

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vb_ugens are here now:

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Install all supercollider plugins

There is now a package group called supercollider-plugins on the AUR. This allows the user to install pretty much all plugins on AUR (except sc3-plugins which is in the main repo) using this command:

yay -S supercollider-plugins

and sonoro1234

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hi mads – i got an error trying

yay -S supercollider-plugins

yay: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Thanks Igor. Not sure what causes this… :thinking:

it was some trouble between yay/pacman – but worked after i rebuild yay! :smiley:

installed all plugins here, all seems to work –

(except flucoma – i got an error on boot:
Server ‘localhost’ exited with exit code 0.)

Thanka for investigating Igor. Sounds like some bad code in the flucoma case. Are you trying on an x86 or a pi ?

I’ve made a git version of flucoma that you could try instead. Should be bleeding edge but perhaps it works better :slight_smile:

I added the graph_loop_grain ugens