Too many categories?

It says in the admin quickstart guide not to make too many categories initially, as it can overwhelm newcomers.

Maybe we should delete some? Which ones should stay / which ones should go?

I don’t think that there are necessarily too many categories right now (especially since categories usually become important only after there is a lot of activity). However, if we’d decide to cut some, I think there are a few candidates that are at least somewhat redundant:

  • Meta & Site Feedback - Meta is probably enough until there is a signficant amount of noise that requires a second category.
  • Learn To Use & Help - Things that belong in Learn To Use could be stickied as resources in Help (e.g. in a moderated thread called “Useful resources for beginners”). I’m also not convinced that “Learn To Use” will be used extensively for anything that aren’t posts that should be in Help instead.
  • Music & Process - Could be separate, but often times there might be overlap - discussion of music can lead to discussion of process and vice versa.
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I understand the split of Learn To Use & Help as one where people publish finished works so it’s easy for a user to see what material is available, which would be flooded in questions if merged with Help.

Same for Music & Process, we all want a stream of music made by the SC community =). But I admit i am curious of what kind of content will be shared in Process, and maybe Process and Learn To Use should be merged ?

Meta and Site Feedback, one about the site, one about the forum, the site is a forum, i don’t see the difference

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Site Feedback category deleted.

Interesting re: Process, Learn to Use, & *Help - I just assumed that Help would be oriented towards answering specific questions, Learn to Use would be more beginner level resources, tutorials, books, etc. dealing with the zoomed in practicalities of using SuperCollider, whereas Process would be broader, about ways of situating SuperCollider within a music practice.

Ultimately, I think @hemiketal is probably right - Process and Learn to Use are more or less about the same thing: learning how to make SuperCollider useful, just kind of at a different level of magnification.

And yup @x2mirko - I do anticipate a lot of crossover in the discussions of Music and Process. Not quite sure yet the best way to deal with that - we can mull it over.

I think that within Process should be subcategories like synth recipes and patterns recipes .

Another really useful category will be Documentation Errors / Unclear Text, cause there are many small mistakes, missing docs and lots of really though advanced examples in the middle of documentation. This could be a good feedback beetween comunity and developers in order to improve and make learning SC more a easy task. Maybe this could be inside Learn to Contribute .

I dont see any usage for the Meet The Developers section. I think it would be more suitable to have a section like Ask Anything to the Developers which should gather silly/curiosity/historical/etc questions that the user community have – e.g. is James McCartney still in the project? When there is gonna be a version 4?

Inside the Music section there should be a Codes of Pieces section.

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Meet the Developers category deleted.

Honestly if you see Documentation Errors/Unclear Text then you should just fix the help files. It’s fairly easy, the developers are MORE than happy to assist and in the new SuperCollider there’s even going to be a button on the help page which will allow you to fix things.

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Can we change the “Help” category to “Questions”? Help is a pretty generic term, and it reads a little like it might be just website-related help. If someone comes to the forum with a question, I like that there’s a clear category for it. Opinions?

Questions also seems a little generic, though I agree with your point.

‘Assistance’, ‘Need Assistance’, ‘Get Help’ - one of those maybe?

I think Questions should be good. The three.js forum has it like that.

By new SC do you mean version 4?

Personally, I don’t think Questions should be a category because the dominant stuff posted in forums are questions, so it is useless as a tag. Help works way better meaning that people had trouble with the class library, installation, language problems, etc.

I agree that the Help category is too broad, maybe a good solution will be to divide it into Installation/Updating Troubles (library errors, audio drivers problems, Linux Jack audio stuff, etc) and Language, Synthesis and Programming Practices (Problems in using patterns, synthesis, effects, etc)

got a few comments on categories:

  • can we order the categories in a way that makes more sense?
  • “Learn to Contribute” seems unnecessary when we have a “Development” category.
  • would be good to have “Meetings” and “Meeting minutes” subcategories of “Development.”

I agree re “learn” and “development”.

The categories are ordered by number of posts. I think this is a preference but we can change the default - it sort of annoys me too, tho i was thinking it would fix itself once we’ve got a more representative array of posts.

You should be able to add a subcat for posting meeting notes!

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Learn to Contribute category moved to a sub-category under Development .

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thanks! another minor suggestion – could we do “Learn” or “Learning” instead of “Learn to Use”? seems pretty clear what’s being learned.

+1. Learning? Or, “Learning resources”, which is maybe the best description of what’ll be in there?

Yup I was thinking Learning Resources.

i think that’s a little less general — i’m personally interested in using the category to post small tutorials directly in the forum in addition to just links to learning resources.

We have the Help category already - perhaps Learning Resources could go underneath?