TouchOSC and "Unorthodox Sound Synthesis"


You maybe know those tutorials by Eli Fieldsteel.
In one of them he shows a way to use TouchOSC to control a supercollider synth:

In the end it looks like this:

The respective TouchOSC file is this:

This works without any problems.

Maybe you know these “Unorthodox Sound Synthesis” files by Daniel Mayer:

I would like to use TouchOSC to control the synth shown there:

I adapted it like this for use with TouchOSC:

The corresponding TouchOSC file is this:

If I try to use TouchOSC it works maybe for a few seconds, then the sound freezes or stops.
If I use the gui created by supercollider there aren’t any problems.

What am I missing?

Hello and welcome,

haven’t checked with OSC, but what I’m seeing here is that you did a mistake by taking over the boundary values from specs in metadata: the last two values are stepwidth and default, not lo and hi,
you’d have to take the first two ones.



Yes, this seems to improve things.

Now my dobson.scd file looks like this:

And that’s my TouchOSC file:

I think my second hfader (fader11) is now causing problems.
Are the values “20, 7000” correct?

Maybe bad control because of linear range ?

Ok, I probably misunderstood how the “Value Range” in TouchOsc is specified. Now it works.

If anyone is interested I would share it.
It seems I am not allowed to post more links right now.

That’s an anti-spam measure: a new user posting a lot of links raises a flag. I’ve notified the board moderators. Your links are legit and not spam, but it takes a person to see that.