Track made with SuperCollider out now on Loose Lips :)


I’ve a track out on latest the latest Loose Lips V/A :slight_smile:

It’s entirely made of sounds generated and processed with SuperCollider (only arrangement/mixdown wasn’t…)

Hope you’ll like! It’s a bit mad and intense but eh…!

It’s part of the 2 volumes LL017 V/A compilation in aid of Ruff Sqwad Arts Foundation


Hope this isn’t too spammy ^^


Oh fun! Nice work :sunglasses:


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Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Those sounds are wild! What sort of techniques were you using to generate them ?

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Nothing’s spammy on the SC forums, sounds great!


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Great track, awesome

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This sounds good! Thanks for sharing!

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Cheers man :slight_smile:
Well a bit of additive synthesis/re-synthesis, some mix of granular and spectral synthesis for the most part ^^

Thanks everyone, happy you dig it :slight_smile:

i love a good track that keeps me on my toes :flushed:

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