Trailing underscore

Why trailing underscores? i.e.:

~clock = TempoClock(90 / 60).permanent_(true);

Are they necessary? I’ve also seen them in “trig_”

The only thing I can find is getter and setter function in the Writing Classes help document

Thank you

It’s a shortcut for a setter, but it also allows you to continue appending afterwards:


With equals signs, the statement is done

Ps. You can, if you like, write:

( = 3.141).x == 3.141

Pps. I wonder about the underscores too. You can, again if you like, write:

+ Point {
	x {
		arg anObject = 'a distinguished disallowed value';
		(anObject == 'a distinguished disallowed value').if({ ^ x }, { x = anObject });

and then: == 3.141