TRand as TChoosen needed

Dear Community,
I develop a little Synth who plays a rhythmical Pattern.
The Synth divides in multiple Steps a Time Domain.
As the Divider I have used a little TRand Ugen.
This UGen choose a Random Value between the maximal
and Minimal possible Value.
This Values are here the Duration and the Pitch Area.
It would been more cooler can this not been maked Smoth.
I need not a Random Value between this possible Values.
I rather need a Selection between this two Values,
In a more digital Sense.

Knows anybody hove I can get this Selection Inside a Synthdef.

For any possitive Ideas thanks


Have you looked at Drand? (and relative Dxrand Dwrand)

{, 0, Drand([2,pi],inf
	) * 100, 0, 0.1) 

These are I looking for


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