Translating SuperCollider documentation

Hi everyone!

Would it be possible to contribute to SuperCollider by translating the already available in-built documentation? I don’t see any language setting in the help window. One possible way to propose a gradual multi-language translation effort would be to allow to set a “preferred language” variable somewhere in the help window. Any help document in the target language could be substituted to the English version if available.

I’ve also noticed the following folder in the main repository, but it doesn’t look used/active for now. Am I right?

There is, to my knowledge, very few documents / tutorials in my native language (french), and I would be delighted to help in any way I can. This could really be helpful for any future use of SuperCollider for teaching synthesis and electronic music.

Hey @Bubo!

glad you’re interested in helping with translations! we unfortunately don’t currently have a way to make use of translations of the schelp documentation. although it would be very useful, it’s also a difficult thing to design and implement well, so this is unlikely to change in the short term. i would welcome an RFC that proposes a solution!

those files you found in the repo we can definitely use! they are translation files for the IDE itself (i.e. the menu items, options dialogs, and so on). we had a stub document on the project wiki which i’ve just made a little more detailed: please give it a try if you’re interested! if you have any questions or issues with it, please let me know!