Trying to find a certain lecture by James McCartney


I am looking for a specific lecture by James McCartney where he talks about the design process of SuperCollider. He goes through various problems he encountered (such as audio rate vs. control rate, sample accurate scheduling, etc.) and presents different solutions with their respective pros and cons.

Does anyone know which presention that might have been and where I could find it?


I’ve found it: SuperCollider and Time - Ressources
Unfortunately, it contains the first 2 minutes. Does anyone know where/how I can get the complete video?

Maybe @madskjeldgaard (since there is a link in

Hmmm… all the other videos in the IRCAM archive are full length, so this looks like a glitch and I should probably ask the IRCAM people.

Hi @Spacechild1

Here you are, you can open it with VLC:


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@Jose Amazing! Thank you so much :slight_smile: