Tutorial: Contributing to SC with a GUI

Ever wanted to contribute to SuperCollider, but you don’t know how to use git or would rather avoid using the terminal?

There’s a new tutorial up on the wiki that walks you from forking the SuperCollider repo through making changes to documentation files, testing them, and submitting your changes in a Pull Request. All using GitHub Desktop (no terminal or direct interaction with git).

It can also be useful as a gentle introduction to git concepts before going full in.

Any feedback is welcomed, and, as it’s a wiki, feel free to make edits as you see fit. Open to better names for the tutorial as well … :thinking:

Similar/related docs on the wiki:


This looks clear, friendly and highly professional — a difficult task!! —, I am sure this will be very helpful to many people.

Will this be accessible in the help browser?

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I find it can be helpful for these kinds of things to be more living documents, but if people feel it’s useful to put it there I’d be happy to migrate it.

There’s also perhaps a more minor issue of the inclusion of a bunch of images, which do start to add up in file size.

Perhaps it could just be a weblink in the docs that opens in the help browser?


I like it!

Leveraging the power of the internet :exploding_head:

In fact, I could imagine a structured way of linking to a number of the wiki resources. The simplest form would be a single sc doc page that functions as a directory to relevant wiki pages.

Otherwise inserting individual wiki links throughout relevant scdoc pages, which would be more contextually relevant, but requires more upkeep if wikis change locations.